Factors To Consider When Selecting Solar Installers

Finding The Best Solar Panel Contractors

As more people start using solar energy, the solar installation industry has grown to heed to the ever-rising demand for these services. Deciding to go solar is a serious decision that requires a substantial amount of investment. Selecting the right solar panel installer can either make the decision worth it or lead to regrets later. But how do you find the best solar installer from all the contractors in the energy industry?

Good Reputation 

Reputation is one of the most impressive aspects of any field. A successful track record speaks for itself. You might want to ask a neighbor, friend or an acquaintance with a working solar system where to find a good contractor. Ask them if they are happy with the installer and the job done. Online reviews provide another method of finding out more about a company or an independent contractor. Clients tend to give genuine and honest reviews about the product, the installer’s services and their general experience. You will have to gauge the weight between positive and negative reviews before making your choice. If the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones, move on to the next installer on your list.

Are They Certified? 

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners licenses contractors working in the energy sector. For solar contractors to get approval from the Board, they need to meet the minimum level of solar panel installation experience and pass a written examination to test their knowledge and skills. The certificate proves that the installer has the skills and also sound knowledge in the field. You are assured that the installer will not make rookie mistakes such as incorporating templated solar array configuration in place of a customized piece to save you money in the end.

Best Pricing 

Looking for the best deal doesn’t inherently mean that you go for the cheapest installer in town. You might want to get multiple quotes for comparison purposes. All companies and solar installers in your list are competing for your business. Ask for quotes and decide which of the packages presented makes sense and suits your needs. Some packages only offer the installation services while others combine the solar installation services with the solar panels and other after-sales services. Are there discounts or warranties? Consider companies that offer manufacturer warranties. But don’t be so quick to accept all discounts since some come with underlying costs.

Do They Have Samples? 

You want to see the type of work the solar installer has done before signing the contract. Good solar contractors have a portfolio on paper, electronic or physical. It should give you confidence in the installer’s knowledge and skills. You could also ask for client references that you can contact and see the actual work done by the installer. While at it, ask for genuine remarks from the client on how the solar panel works. If they have had a problem, find out the installer’s response if there were any warranties. If the experience is positive, the solar contractor may be the best man for the job.

Your intuition should also play a role in deciding whether a particular solar installer is your best bet. If you pay attention to all these factors, you will find a reliable solar installer near you.